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Account for 100% of your people to achieve operational resiliency

Personnel Accountability

Federal agencies have an obligation to safeguard their workforce and create a resilient security infrastructure. AtHoc Account helps federal agencies by delivering an automated, efficient, FedRAMP-authorized solution to account for people in real-time.

As the #1 provider of crisis communications to federal agencies, our team spent more than a year understanding and validating accountability needs across Federal agencies:

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

Meeting Federal Mandates

  • "As a federal civilian agency, we must account for our people to comply with federal mandates."
  • "I'm not sure how secure my solution really is today."

Accounting for People Efficiently

  • "When accounting for personnel in our building, we rely on gathering information from monitors, clip boards and phone trees."
  • "Collecting all individual statues is a mess and can't scale during a large crisis."

Reporting Status in Real Time

  • "Our manually gathered reports never account for 100% of our people."
  • "Reports for leadership takes hours or days, delaying response and recovery time."

Understanding Who is Affected

  • "Our personnel are constantly on the go and it is hard to keep track of their locations."

AtHoc Account Helps Overcome These Challenges

AtHoc Account for federal agencies puts you in control - and not at the mercy - of your crisis communication plan.

One System, One View

  • Serves as a single authoritative source for accountability information.
  • Compiles safety details from multiple sources including directly from:
    • Individuals
    • Call centers
    • People responding on behalf of others
    • Accountability officers
    • 3rd party integrations
  • Integrates with the BlackBerry AtHoc platform creating a unified crisis communication solution.

Automate Your Personnel Accountability Process

  • Eliminate manual processing of data from across various spreadsheets, call trees, and people.
  • Automated process improve quality of results.

Rely on Unsurpassed Security, Flexibility, and Scalability

  • AtHoc Account is the only FedRAMP authorized personnel accountability solution. 
  • Scalable solution for an enterprise or a single individual.

Achieve Operational Resiliency

  • Real time safety status enables leaders to respond more effectively.
  • Reduce downtime and response costs by allocating recovery resources efficiently.

Real-time Reporting

  • On demand reports accurately share safety status over time.
  • At a glance dashboard provides operators situational awareness and one click reporting.

Comply with Federal Mandates

  • Department of Homeland Security: DHS Directive 008-04
  • ISO 22301 and other business resilience standards
  • Safety law emergency plans under OSHA and Canada's equivalent
  • Department of Defense: DoDI 3001.02
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: VA Directive 0325
  • FEMA Guidance Directives: FCD 1
  • OPM Accountability: Executive Order 13197

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